About Us

BLACKRAIN SECURITY AGENCY INC.is founded in 2015 and licensed with state of Florida with many years of experience in the industry. Blackrain have personal to training every officer with many years how police officer and military service with a better understand of the law and Florida status.

Our command of chain is organized to guarantee and provide excellent service, all Blackrain security officers are fully training to complete what you looking for and the service you deserve.

We are well aware of the ever present and continually rising crime rate in our society. Also we specialize in a variety of long-term and short-term contracts special events and government contracts. We look forward to serving your security needs with ambition, dedication and professionalism.

BLACKRAIN SECURITY AGENCY INC. has served different areas of our South Florida community such as residential buildings, commercial properties, construction sites, supermarkets, special projects and events. We look forward to serving you as well!

Our commander chain

COMMANDER IN CHIEF ( President Executive Director )
LIEUTENANT COLONEL ( Director Operations )
CAPITAN ( Field Supervisor )
LIETENANT ( Road Supervisor )
SARGENT ( Post Supervisor )

BLACKRAIN SECURITY AGENCY INC. has commitment to you to give the best effort to secure your property and business any time you need it. Prior to hiring any Security Officer we request to submit proof of D License (security officer) as well as G License (statewide firearm) to those who are applying for an armed position. Before be hire for BLACKRAIN our offices go through a background check with the FBI as well as FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement), Also a drug testing required.

BLACKRAIN SECURITY AGENCY INC. have road Supervisor to maintain a constant line of communication with its officers in the field in order to deliver the highest quality of service.


As security officer for many years in many positions, I had the opportunity and the time to have the experience to give you the best service in South Florida. Today with my commander chain and my security officers will have peace of mind that you deserve. Whatever the magnitude or scope of your business, we can conduct a comprehensive security consultation, and create a program specifically designed to meet your needs. Don't forget select your best service for you, if you can't we have special officer to help you and pick the right one. Our office personnel are well qualified and equipped to handle any size account we are awarded.


My experience as former US Army In the 82nd work as an analyst in DEL / PU PRODUCT THRU SECRET for 82nd airborne headquarters, paratrooper also expert rifle and grenades, give me the opportunity in Blackrain to be in this position . With my extensive career as well as firearms instructor, tactical pistol and rifle courses, also former Puerto Rico police officer from narcotic Division .it gives me an opportunity of keep giving all of my knowledge so that you have the best protection that is in our hands, so as to continue training and directing all officials Blackrain offering the best to make you feel protected 24/7 and rest assured that you or your property needs.