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We are a privately held Licensed Security Agency with a complete and customized security service with experience, serving commercial and residential clients. Our agency and security officers are fully licensed by the State of Florida and carry insurance coverage that meets or exceeds liability requirements. We provide physical security of property and person, loss prevention, confidential investigation and research government and employment records. Whatever the magnitude or scope of your business, we can conduct a comprehensive security consultation, and create a program specifically design to meet your needs.

Licence: B 1500230

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  • Residential / Commercial: Guard Gates, Residential Communities, Estate Security, Hotels, Condominiums, Shopping Malls, Movie Theaters, Concierge / Front Desk
  • Nightclub Security, Concert/Event Staff, Personal Protection
  • Our highly trained, licensed and insured guards are here to serve and protect our clients no matter what risks may arise; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Professionals which serve as hosts and true gentlemen with the training and physical ability to keep the peace in any environment

Ours Services


As security officer for many years in many positions, I had the opportunity and the time to have the experience to give you the best service in South Florida. Today with my commander chain and my security officers will have peace of mind that you deserve...


My experience as former US Army In the 82nd work as an analyst in DEL / PU PRODUCT THRU SECRET for 82nd airborne headquarters, paratrooper also expert rifle and grenades, give me the opportunity in Blackrain to be in this position . With my extensive career as well as firearms instructor, tactical pistol and rifle courses, ...