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Solving Your Problem of Illegally Parked Vehicles

The Boot Clamp

Vehicle immobilization is a solution that many lot owners and property managers turn to when dealing with the issue of illegally parked vehicles. Miami Florida Boot Systems, Inc. uses car boots to prevent unauthorized vehicles from being driven away. This service has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the growing problem of illegal parking, which not only causes inconvenience but also poses safety hazards.

illegally parked vehicle being towed.

Car boots are typically made of heavy-duty steel and are designed to be difficult to remove without a key. When a vehicle is clamped, it is essentially immobilized and cannot be moved until the car boot is removed. This not only prevents the driver from leaving the area, but also sends a clear message to others that unauthorized parking is not tolerated.

top view of car parked over twoparking spaces.

As a lot owner or residential administrator, you can benefit greatly from using car boots as a means of vehicle immobilization. For one, it provides a cost-effective solution to dealing with illegally parked vehicles, as towing fees and fines can quickly add up. Additionally, car boots are easy to install and do not require any special training or equipment. This makes them a practical choice for lot owners who want to take control of their parking areas.

In short, vehicle immobilization with car boots is a valuable service that can help lot owners and property managers to effectively deal with the issue of illegal parking. By using this solution, you can deter unauthorized parking, maintain order in your parking areas, and improve the overall safety of your properties.

Hi-Tech Barnacle®

A safe, sustainable, and convenient solution for parking compliance. Make it better with Barnacle®.

person putting a yellow plate onto the windshield of a black vehicle.

The Barnacle – an intelligent device that operators can deploy easily and violators can remove themselves once they pay their fine online or by phone.

person inserting the yellow plate into a block dropbox.

When a vehicle needs to be immobilized, the operator activates the Barnacle using the Enforcer App, inputs vehicle information, and places the Barnacle on the windshield to obscure the motorist's view. Upon inputting the device code, commercial-grade suction cups latch onto the glass with 1,000 pounds of force, making forcible removal next to impossible.

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